The First Stock Game

The First Stock Game

Stockus opens the market of financial entertainment for you

Pre ICO starts in …


The Trading platform Stockus solves the problems and shortcomings of the existing exchange trade by creating a unique opportunity where the user to trade without any starting capital. The Stockus platform offers the users to participate in variety of tournaments, some of which will last a day, others a week, a month, etc. The users will have the opportunity not only to buy and sell certain financial instruments on the exchange, but also to compete among themselves. If the trades are permanent in the classic (and crypto) exchanges, Stockus splits it into periods/tournaments in which the user, depending on his preferences, can play at convenient for him time. The main advantage in organizing exchange trading on the Stockus platform is that the user can’t go broke and lose his capital. Therefore he can trade on the stock exchange for as long as he likes. The implementation of such a business model puts Stockus in a unique position in the market. It creates opportunities and prospects similar to those of the fantasy sports and gambling market.


Stockus offers a revolutionary configuration of trading on the stock exchange – a trading game. Through participation in various tournaments, each player can exercise their skills and earn money on the market.



The players who finish trading with the best overall results receive their prize money on their accounts within 10 minutes after the tournament ends. After this, players can freely transfer winnings to their bank accounts.


Smart Contracts

Transactions made by players on the Stockus platform, as well as payments for tournaments, will be based on the principals of smart contracts. All transactions will be processed in Stockus Token (STT), which will be quoted on the crypto-exchange.

How Stockus works

  1. Stockus is safe and enforced by smart contracts
  2. Easy access to trading for all
  3. All the data on the platform is real and clearly available
  4. The winnings are increasing in size with the greater number of users
  5. Trading on our tournaments and the analytics that is provided to users improves training
  6. Our community helps users to communicate with each our and with our team

Our platform has integrated smart contracts to guarantee that you get what you earned. This has allowed us the create the clearest and transparent Trading platform out there

Our platform gives users the game-changing system of two wallets. Each user will have access to a Brokerage wallet, composed of virtual currency with which he trades, and a Token wallet. The brokerage wallet size changes with tournament performance. The token wallet will hold the users Stockus Tokens and winnings, deductible at any time.

Each player has the opportunity to replenish his or her capital, or to renew it. It can also be increased at the expense of his leverage. He can use technical analyses and other services as well.

A major driver of our platform will be its community. Advising and assisting experienced and inexperienced players to maximise their gain from Stockus. Community members will also have the chance to create additional skill realizing services with us. Most importantly help us branch outwards to other games of skill.

Why Stockus


Low risk

Participating in a tournament with real prizes can be free. We provide a variety of tournaments that are much cheaper ways to use skills than Forex market, in which significant capital is required to get started. Start with Stockus and grow with us.



The nature of human beings is competition. Only by competing with each other our world keeps going, markets become efficient and new ideas are created. Our priority is to support that environment and truly give chance to players to express their skills in a natural way – in a way of competition.



We want to eliminate the barriers to entry that exist on modern stock exchange markets. The future is simplicity, so we make things simple. We want to give everyone a chance to enter the biggest game of skill in the world – Stockus.


Beta version

The peculiarity of the game Stockus is our trading platform, which we are proud of. Creating a trading platform required many investment resources and various expertise in trading and gaming. More than 10 000 users have tested our beta version. Find out about this on the special page.

How tournaments work


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STT Token

Using the STT token

The STT Token will be used to pay for the participation of users in professional Stock Tours on the Stockus platform.   
The prize fund of the Stockus tournaments will be formed from STT tokens.   
The STT token is a calculated currency on the Stockus platform. With its help, users will be able to:   
– buy additional services in tournaments;   
– replenish your capital, if necessary;   
– pay for the services of other users;   
– receive payment for participation in referral programs;   
The prizes earned by users in tournaments will be paid out in STT Tokens.   
Users will be able to purchase STT tokens directly on the platform itself, bypassing the use of various cryptoexchanges. 

Token emission and distribution

In total, we plan to issue 15,000,000 STT tokens. In order to understand our economic model, let’s look at the distribution shares and the stages of selling the tokens. 70% – To the participants of the ICO. The sale of tokens to ICO participants at all stages.   10% – The team. Team, founders and other people providing support at an early stage.   7% – Bounty. Bounty campaign, bonuses to advertising agents and publications, bonuses for participation in advertising tournaments.13% – Reserve fund. Prize bonuses for when opening new tournaments, attracting new partners, paying referral programs, holding advertising tournaments 


Conditions for the distribution of tokens

Stockus team tokens will be unlocked after the launch of the first professional tournament   
The tokens of the advisers and those who assisted at an early stage will be blocked for 6 months.   
Tokens allocated to bounty participants will be blocked for 3 months.   
The reserve fund tokens will be unlocked as soon as the relevant development programs are created and implemented.   
All other tokens will not freeze.   
Creation, release or mining of tokens after the end of the ICO period is not provided;   
Tokens will be available for transfer after the end of the ICO period;   
If the minimum goal is not achieved, the funds will be returned to the participants;   
ICO will be terminated immediately after the implementation of all tokens allocated to ICO participants at all stages 
Formation of the STT tokens rate  
PreICO will be offered to sell 2 million STT tokens. The sale rate will range from $ 0.2 to $ 0.3 for one STT token.  
The minimum target at this stage of sales is $ 400,000  
Profitableness (minimum) of participants at purchase at the given stage – 300%  
At the ICO, 10,000,000 STT tokens will be offered for sale. The sale rate will range from $ 0.5 to $ 0.8 for one STT token.  
The minimum target at this stage of sales is $ 5,000,000  
Profitableness of participants at purchase at the given stage – 200%  
The rate of the STT token after the start of the project will be frozen and equal to: 1STT = $ 1.0 From what has been said above, it follows that with each sale stage, the cost of STT increases, and the discount on its acquisition falls.  
The maximum possible benefit, equal to 300%, is achieved if you buy tokens at the preICO stage and in the first hours of trading. At the ICO stage, you can earn 200% if you buy an STT token in the first week after the start of sales.  
At this stage, no additional emission of STT tokens is expected, and all unsold tokens will be destroyed. 

Distribution of funds collected during the ICO

All funds collected during the ICO will be directed to the following tasks: 
Development and simulation of tournaments, mobile applications, development of new virtual exchange reality technologies – 40%  
PR and marketing, exhibition tournaments, promotion of the results of tournaments in the media – 40%  
Operating expenses, employees, office, etc. – 5%  
Legal support, documents, work with The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – 5%  
Prize pool for tournaments with guaranteed prizes – 5%  
Bonuses for owners and developers – 5% 

Bonus system ICO

Bonuses PreICO:
The first 500 000 STT will be sold at a price of $ 0.2. Thus, the discount to the base price of PreICO of $ 0.3 will be more than 30%. 


Evgeny Kostyukhin

Founder & CEO

Product owner and co-founder of Stockus.
The creator of the game, platform and tournament system. Evgeny has 10 years of experience trading in the investment company.

After graduating from Voronezh State Technical University with a specialization in Aircraft Engineering Evgueny worked in JSC Konstruktorskoe Buro Priborostroeniya, one of Russia’s main enterprises in the Russian Defense Industry. He then pursued a further education in Economics at the Saint Petersburg State University, later teaching at Tula State University.

Yury Gerchikov

Development Director

Yury is graduating from top-ranked University of Warwick (UK) this year, becoming a bachelor of science in Economics. Previously Yury was employed by Sberbank and Central Bank of Russian Federation, which allowed him to participate in development of financial market and to be involved in the latest improvements of financial system. In addition to his experience, Yury participated in one of the Moscow start-ups, which gave him proper experience and expertise to join Stockus team.

Artem Katinov


Artem is a recent Economics graduate from Warwick University (UK), and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in International Finance at HEC Paris (France), FT’s top ranked finance masters.

Having first invested in Blockchain technology in 2014, and has been following the market since 2013. Artem brings a wealth of cryptocurrency market understanding combined with the skills and knowledge gained while working in Credit Agricole.

Sam Barton


Product Strategy specialist with over 4 years of experience designing and publishing free-to-pay games with companies such as Square Enix, CCP Games, Big Fish Games and Scopely. He is also a member of the UK eSports governing body.

Kirill Kuzin


Backend and blockchain developer from Moscow with much experience of develop DApp’s. The founder of his blockchain startup. In the Stockus manages the product development proccess.

Stockus FAQ

If you could not find an answer to your question, please use the form below to contact us.

How is the Stockus platform different from platforms like Stox/Gnosis/Cindicator?

The Stockus platform has fundamentally different underlying principles. In Stockus, players trade and play on the actual stock market whilst earning money. On the platforms mentioned above, players predict market behavior. Only if the user guesses correctly, they get a bonus. We see Stockus as a real game of skill and reality rather than a gambling luck-based game.

What in-platform tools will be available for players?

Different tournaments will have different tools. However, in general, most of the instruments you see listed on major financial markets will be readily available to players in the platform: stocks, futures, currency pairs, indices, options, cryptocurrencies and etc. We also plan to create local tournaments: Stockus China, Stockus Brazil, etc.

How can I use the funds on my Stockus account?

It is the same process you see with classic brokers. You have your own account with Stockus. Only you can use it. You can withdraw money from the account and put the money on the account at any time.

I want to try playing on the market. Can Stockus help me?

Yes! Firstly, try starting out by participating in Amateur tournaments. They are free and you can begin to make your first transactions without any grueling fear of losing money as it is impossible to lose money. You can even earn some if you are able to outperform others! In the professional tournaments we have an option called “Follow me”. You choose a player to follow, who plays well and earns money, and you can monitor his actions online with all his transactions. This will help you understand the game better and quicker and will definitely be useful in further tournaments. Besides, you can always ask for advice from other players and they will be happy to share their experiences and skills with you.

Why are you collecting funds on pre-ICO and ICO?

In order to start up Stockus, it is necessary to invest in the adjustment of tournaments and testing procedures. We need to get a reliable live data feed, create the website, a mobile app StockMobius and a lot of other stuff! Of course, we have to tell as many people as possible about our project too. After all, not everyone is aware of it. For all of these purposes we need to get quite a lot of money.

How can I earn on Pre-ICO, by buying your tokens?

At the Pre-ICO stage, investors can buy our token STT at the rate: 2000-1500 STTs per 1 ETH. The first 500 000 of STTs will be sold at the fixed rate of 2000 STT. This is the best rate. Therefore we limit the number of sales to only 0.5 million STTs. However, the next 1.5 million STTs we plan to sell at 1500 STT per 1 ETH. It is also a very good rate. First investors should receive the best offer. After conducting the ICO, the token rate will be set at 200 STT per 1 ETH. As you can see we offer our first investors the very best conditions.


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