Freeroll Tournament

Read it carefully before you start to play

Game rules

Live quotes: All quoted prices in trade tickets and on charts  are provided in real time from the main exchanges.

Trade Instruments: Currently the following asset classes are available:



/GC  – (Gold),  /SI – (Silver),   /CL -(US Crude Oil Cash),  /NG  -(Spot Natural Gas)

Starting capital: Each player is given a starting balance of 10,000 USD. This balance can be used to trade.

STT Token.  Each player receives 15 STT on his account. He can buy various additional services for them.

Additional services. Each player can:

  – increase his starting capital by 5, 10, 50 times

  – buy an additional start-up capital

  – buy a new start-up capital

Game period.  The Freeroll tournament lasts one week. The tournament starts on Friday at 22:00 GMT. The tournament  ends on Friday at 21:00 GMT.

Determining the winner.  The winner of the Freeroll tournament is determined by USERS TOP in the column WEEK. He received the largest profit for the week. The winner is determined every Friday at the time of the closure of the NYSE (21:00 GMT). At the same time all players are forced to close open positions. The prize pool is distributed among the players based on the following matrix:

Prize Pull. The prize fund of the Freeroll tournament is 2000 STT.  STT are credited to the player’s account within one hour after the end of the tournament.

Margin call. If the size of the losses exceeds the capital on the account, the player will receive a warning and request to fund the account, otherwise any open positions will be automatically closed.

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